About us


     My name is Sharay, I am Galician, and I have been living in London over thirteen years. The beautiful memories of my childhood in Galicia are always with me - I remember the song of the rooster at daybreak, the fresh air of the morning that came in through the window, the aroma of the coffee that filled every corner of the house, the smell of the spring mimosas and the bright yellow colour of its flowers. But what I remember the most, is the sound of my mother’s sewing machine- a sound that still beats within me and has inspired our brand, Felpeto Handmade. 

     My inspiration arose from becoming an observer from afar of the exceptional artisanal tradition that to this day still exists in Galicia. My mum always handmade our clothes, and to see her sewing has always been a symbol of affection, family, love and dedication to creating a beautiful, heartfelt garment. I feel very fortunate to have been able to observe and learn from her about fabrics and designs, and to have within me that power to knit, sew and craft with tenderness and delight. And even though I'm the founder of Felpeto Handmade, my mum is the heart and soul of the brand. 

     The Mimosa flower is our brand’s logo, because it represents the strength, sensitivity and creative feminine power of Galician women who have passed on their craft and traditions from generation to generation.